Monday, June 22, 2009

The bottom line

It hasn't been a great two weeks food wise. It all started with craft camp and the abundance of chocolate, lollies, brownies and the like and it really only ended a couple of days ago when I hauled my ass back on to the wagon. Strangely I weigh 83.9kg still which is where I was two weeks ago. I can't quite figure that one out and I am expecting it to go up or do something weird next week.
I haven't been running for two weeks and I ventured out tonight. I was crap. Couldn't do the distance and just shuffled along a la Cliff Young, my hero. And then couldn't even do that, just walked the rest of the way. I have kept up boot camp (too scared not to, she lives at the end of my street) and have cycled as usual so that probably helped me scrape through.
I hate getting back on the wagon, all I think about is food and I miss that chocolate and bread. I probably shouldn't be writing this while hungry so I will stop now.

I will do a show and tell of fete goodies instead

Dress-ups made with donated t shirts with a bit of gauzy stuff stuck on the bottom. Easy peasy

Wee Beasties, pattern courtesy of Soozs

And this treat I found when I downloaded my photos.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our mothers group (Astrid and Lana, Stomper declined) made ravioli from scratch yesterday! Impressive eh?
George's parents have gone away prospecting in WA. Sooo selfish, we usually have dinner at their place on Monday nights and the Mooch stays for a sleepover AND is delivered back the next afternoon. And they have gone away! For weeks!
Back to the ravioli. Nonna cooks ravioli and she does it so well my children refuse to eat bought ravioli, "it doesn't taste like Nonna's". Well boo hoo.
When I heard there would be no ravioli for a few weeks I was worried, if they didn't get ravioli once a week it halves their meat intake. I wouldn't worry about it if they would only try other foods ....don't get me started. So I asked Nonna to leave me with her ravioli making equpment and recipe. She was only too happy, I think she worries about my "gotta look after the family" abilities.

In the past we've have ravioli making days at Nonna's and my job is shaping the filling into little balls and placing them on the ravioli sheets. Now suddenly I am promoted to Nonna and my mothers' group mates are the lowly daughters-in-law. It was a heavy responsibility.

We spent all morning making the dough, rolling the dough and transforming it into little perfect raviolis. We are very pleased with ourselves and are planning lots more communal cooking sessions..

The kids ate them without a word. Phew. I was too scared to ask if they liked them. Too scared to hear a no, my freezer is full of the little suckers.
Anyway, Squeaky said tonight as I was putting it all in ziplock bags " your raviolis were good Mum".
Made my day.

Now for more cooking stuff, a recipe for Lemon Tea Cake or LTC as it is known round here.

Lemon Tea Cake

1 ½ cups plain flour

1 cup sugar

1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

125g butter or margarine

2 beaten eggs

½ cup milk or buttermilk

Grated rind of 1 lemon

Juice of one lemon

¼ cup of sugar

Grease and line cake tin

Sift flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into bowl. Rub in butter until mix resembles coarse breadcrumbs. This can be done in the food processor.

Combine beaten eggs and milk and stir in, then fold in the lemon rind.

Spoon mixture into tin and bake at 180C until firm to the touch and a skewer comes out clean, about 50 minutes.

Mix lemon juice and sugar in a cup and immediately you remove the cake from the oven, stand it on a rack and spoon the sugar mixture over the top. Allow to cool in the tin.

The recipe has ½ cup chopped walnuts added with the lemon rind, I’ve never done this but it could be good.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm on the top of the world....

I am still all aglow from my crafting weekend away. A new experience for me, I was a bit apprehensive as I was joining some very accomplished women. Not only is their sewing amazing, they write, draw, spin, dance and knit. Miss Bingley herself would be impressed. I felt a bit of a petender but once I was ensconsed in the studio at Sewjourn I realised the pleasure of being with people who share your enthusiasm. It was an inspiring weekend, I am just starting to realise how big the crafting/sewing /knitting world is and it's very exciting.
I made myself some clothes for the first time in years, a woollen tunic and some stretchy trousers, they fit and they look great. How good is that? So now of course I want to make more.

I will put my highlights here in point form, in no particular order....

1. We were all assigned a meal to cook, I had sunday night. So apart from that one meal we had no kitchen duties. We were called at meal times and had a plate of delicious food put down in front of us. I still can't get over how good that is. Why do our kids complain??

2. Separate sewing studio. When we downed tools (usually for meals), everything stayed where it was. No one fiddled with your dials or used your good scissors to cut the dogs hair.

3. Uninterrupted sewing time. I hadn't realised how quickly you could make something when there's no child sitting on your lap helping with the reverse knob and lifting the foot for you.

4. Suzie's music. a never ending stream of hits, from eighties pop to disco to Cambodian psychadelic.

5. Lots of chocolate

6. A realisation that there are patterns other than the ones you buy at Spotlight out there.

7. A well tended fire keeping us toasty day and night.

8. Matching cutlery.

9. A group of people so generously sharing their knowledge and expertise.

10. A break from the fantastic but relentless work of bringing up a family.

Photos and recipes to follow....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A bit of this and that

83.4 kg
Bollocks and buggery. Gone up again!!! But all my clothes are starting to feel loose. I can't keep blaming the hormones . Oh well, I'm not really too fussed as I did most of the right things and what's a block of chocolate here and there? it was fair trade after all, that's not so fattening, right? Oh and there was the birthday party and the loaf of Nonna's bread and the in-laws to dinner on Thursday (lasagne). Maybe it wasn't such a virtuous week after all.

We had a burglary and lost a lap top computer a while ago. All our photos from the last eight years were on it but I was fairly confident we had most backed up on an external hard drive. We just couldn't get the hard drive to work. Well the computer guy fixed it this week so I will include some oldies and goodies now and then because you do forget how little they were don't you?

Overachieving greenie of the week award goes to the woman spied in my street picking up dog poo with a PAPER BAG. Of course it was a reused one. Right on, only in North Fitzroy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another family birthday dinner

We have a tradition in my family, well my sister started it a few years ago and we have copied her. When we have a family dinner to celebrate someone's birthday everyone gets to chose a dish, the birthday boy or girl gets to chose two dishes.
Once upon a time all the food was put on the table at the same time, now as our numbers have swelled we divide it into two , sweet and savoury.
We've had some very eclective menus over the years. My older two are pretty predictable, they swing from chips to jelly to pizza, Moochie is a bit more adventurous, she goes for chicken soup, or boiled eggs and tonight it was baked beans.
Today's menu was beef rendang, egg and potato curry, saveloys, home made sausage rolls, pizza, chips, Danny's hamburger, baked beans, jelly and chocolate with the highest cocoa percentage you can find. This turned out to be 99%. I wouldn't recommend it, it was powdery, bitter and its only redeeming features were that is was posh, French and beautifully packaged. Mum always chooses Tim Tams, this time it had to be original, no caramel and no dark which I thought showed a lack of adventure.
The upshot of this is that I have eaten waaayyyy too much chocolate and other treats and feel thoroughly sick. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

The birthday boy, now 12

Weight at 0630....82.9 kg. Not more than last week, not less . I did slack off a bit this week. Kept getting the afternoon munchies and ate about a kg of almonds. They were the most exciting thing I could find in the pantry as I have cleansed it of junk food which sounds better than I have eaten it all and not replaced it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A tale from a proud mum

This is my second girl, BP. She hasn't always been the easiest child to live with as those who know her will agree. She is very passionate (I blame her Sicilian Nonna), and that has led to some big ups and huge tantrum filled days. Oh god, those tantrums.

She did an extra year of kinder, the kinder teachers thought she wasn't quite ready for school. Or maybe they were thinking school wasn't quite ready for her.
This year she finally became a preppie. I was worried about her fierce attatchment to me, thought she might struggle but I was so wrong.

Every morning she's up well before us and gets dressed in the dark,

shuts the bathroom door so the light doesn't disturb us and does her hair.

She gets her own brekky, cleans up her dishes and brushes her teeth.
She puts her take home reader in her bag and then comes and tells me to get up make her lunch so she can be ready.
This is all before 7. Luckily I'm morning person.
I have to confess here that there is a bribe system in place or as I prefer to call it, an incentive scheme.
By about 8, she starts asking when she can go to school and finally skips off by herself, arranging to meet me up there.

Last week she discovered she could write and has been walking around with a pad and pencil writing stories for us.
Of course I will inflict some upon you.

I love lava
Lava can look beautiful
after the volcano
explodes the lava
makes good dirt
to make a farm

A apple is healthy.
I can
not eat an apple
because i have
a wobbly

my teachers
name is Gaye
I love school. it
is fun. Kittens
are cute. i have
lots of friends at
school. i love
my school teacher
and my family.
i have a dog.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

No sauce for me thanks

Total weight lost this week: nil. Total weight gained this week: 0.9kg.

It must be the hormones as I was right in the zone and did lots of exercise and had hardly any fun. What I am happy about is that I haven't gone and said f$@# the diet, I'm eating chocolate all weekend.
I look forward to weigh in on Saturdays, it is my reward so I am miffed when it doesn't come out the way I planned.

I have been invited to a craft weekend at sewjourn with some crafty bloggers. I am excited and a little bit nervous. They are all so good at the craft and the blogging. Getting away from the family (shame on me) coupled with non stop craftiness in a lovely setting, who wouldn't be excited?

I thought I'd better do a show and tell to prove my worthiness but haven't done much sewing lately, still suffering from a post fete slump. I have been knitting, as it is the season to be knitting.

My girls all want this hooded scarf, I've started the first with lovely 12 ply and big needles. Nothing like fast results.

Here is Mooche's first love modelling work done so far

Bad mother confession of the week or 'what to do if your kids eat too much tomato sauce'...
The girls had sausages for dinner the other night and when I opened the tomato sauce squeezy bottle for a refill, it was full of grey mould and fermenting. I nearly gagged and I have a very strong stomach. It had registered vaguely that the kids weren't using sauce any more, now they refuse to touch it!