Monday, March 23, 2009

I hereby solemnly swear that if I ever do a night shift again I will speak quietly, not rattle the f'ing crockery around all night and refrain from waking people at 5 am to take their temperature (unless they really need it I suppose).

I have just spent the last day and a half in hospital with my oldest daughter (who shall be named Squeaky) following her tonsillectomy. Everything went well and she is now ensconsed on the couch with good old ABC 2 who have kids shows from 10am. What a discovery that was.

I got to sleep on a fold out bed which was missing about half the little spring things which attach the frame to the bit that stops you crashing to the floor. I rearranged them so the majority were in the centre rather than the feet end and held my breath as I climbed on. It was surprisingly comfortable so I didn't complain. Still, it was a private hospital, you would think they could splash out a hundred bucks or so for a new one.

If I ever have to spend another night in hospital, remind me to take earplugs, no wonder people get sick in these places. Sheez.

So now I have two weeks at home as Squeaky has to take it reeeally quietly according to the quack. No running round, no monkey bars, no bike riding to be precise. I have cabin fever already.

We do have a project though, she has been nagging me to make one of these dolls so now is the time.......

Wish me luck.

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