Saturday, March 28, 2009

In which I introduce some family and friends...

I was too tired to post my weight yesterday as I was at our school fete from 7am till 6pm and was even too tired for a foot rub.

So weigh in for yesterday was 83.6kg, a loss of 0.6kg. Ok I guess but I was reeeeally careful with what I ate and exercised like a mad woman. I feel a bit like one of those contestants on TBL, crying because I only lost 5kg.

Back to the important things, ie the fete. I was running the Made in Merri stall, everything handmade (we are not too fussy about the in Merri bit).

Me and a bunny (sold out)

It was a perfect day and people had money to burn. Maybe it was the weather, maybe the stimulus package, maybe the fantastic bargains that were too good to pass by.
We managed to raise $2400, a massive jump on the $800 we made last year. The bar has definitely been raised.

Most of our stuff was made by a group of Mums, a very small group unfortunately. There is Astrid, she says she can't sew but she can cut, stuff, fill, price and glue like no other. Justine the bunting queen who is responsible for the outstandingly fabulous Made in Merri sign, miles of beautiful bunting and lots of frogs. Gina made some very special bunnies and inspired some ideas. Teresa was responsible for the felt christmas decorations

L to R Gina, Justine and Astrid

We sold most of our stock and took a few orders so now we have to start restocking the cupboards for next year.

I think maybe I will wait a few days.

The rest of the fete was a bit of a blur, but one thing I was not going to miss was a performance by the most talented Miss Caroline's Tap Pets.

My second daughter (to be known as BP or Princess) is the one in the pink shoes.

And one more of the smallest tappers,

My third girrrl (The Moocher or Moo) is the one with the sun shining on her gold teeth


  1. $2400 is awesome! Well done you all.

    I predicted Moocher but was sure there would be a potato reference for La Princess.

  2. that is where the BP comes in.

  3. Hi Jenny!

    Good work on the craft, I'm sorry I couldn't make it on the day, but it seems I didn't totally miss out on seeing it after all....

  4. Yay us! Yay you especially. Location, location, location! No-one's getting that spot from us now. Not for the next I-don't-want-to-count-the -number-of years anyway. Next year we should take before AND after shots. Would look sad, but satisfying.

  5. Maybe even time lapse eh? Then run it reeeeaally fast. I feel tired just thinking about it.