Sunday, April 19, 2009

BDO for the Princess and her Lady- in- Pink

This week it was BP's birthday day out, only two months late but worth the wait.

First stop was the local library for a craft extravaganza. The staff laid all the material out and said go for your lives. It was funny to watch as they are usually told what to make. They were a bit taken aback at first and unsure of what to do.

It didn't last long, they were soon in a snipping, gluing, colouring crafting frenzy. The feathers and pom poms were flying.

Next stop was a visit to Suga, no trip to the city is complete till we do that. The staff make the candy in the window.
I've never watched the process from go to whoa so it is still a mystery how they get that writing in the middle. They have free samples but of course we always end up buying a bag.

By now it was lunch time so we headed to a creperie in Degraves St. We all felt so cool and sophisticated squeezed on to a table for two watching all the people walk by and eating massive crepes. they even had a cheese and vegemite one, on the menu I mean - we stuck to the more traditional lemon and sugar.

We didn't have time to scratch before we were due at the City Square (remember the city Square)? for some hilarious comedy. Lots of slapstick and prat falls, you can't go wrong. The girls were shrieking with laughter. Such a great sound.

Of course we had to do movie and popcorn.


Then the big treat of going out at night to my tap dance class. In pyjamas.

The next morning, it was time for more cake then happy goodbyes.

Post script... weight on Saturday 82.6kg. that's under 83!! woohooo!
Nothing seems to be getting looser yet and I tried on a skirt which was fine last year and I couldn't do it up so still a long way to go.
I think the blog is working, it does make me think twice when I'm tired and hovering around the kids' chocolate egg stash.


  1. I wondered later if they were expecting more games at tap-dance? No jungle adventures or rotating through the posters or ANYTHING!

    Your kids still have an egg stash?

  2. Yes they do, I'm hoping they will forget about it or I'm going to have to go searching the supermarket for some replacements.

  3. I HAD to finish of Felix's stash, because he'd forgotten about it.

    I think you are very brave to attempt the BDO, you know a party is only 2 hours don't you?

    Having said that, I'm doing a half BDO for F tomorrow, I'm hoping it will be less work...