Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday, weigh in day

Today I weighed 83.1 kg, geez, it doesn't drop off like it used to. More like is pulled off slowly, screaming and kicking. A big pig out at the school fete probably didn't help much, the lucky lolly bags are my downfall. I buy one for myself then end up eating the ones the girls get. Except for the lolly bananas, hate them. Now I think of it, I had a few cakes too, the day was so busy, I needed frequent sugar hits. So maybe I should be thankful to go down instead of up.

I had reprieve at boot camp, she was threatening a fitness test, the last one I did about 5 weeks ago nearly killed me so I was dreading it. Luckily, half the group was away as they are doing some big fun run tomorrow. I hang with weird folk at boot camp.

Talking about fun runs, George's second session was scheduled for today. He went fishing instead. It's not looking good.

Here is what I've been doing at night, Pirate Rabbit,

And some of his future siblings,


  1. I would eat the lolly bananas. But NOT the real ones.

  2. Me too, I would eat the lolly bananas, love them!

    Cute rabbit. I like all the little faces.

  3. Did you ever get the banana toothpaste? Now that was good fake banana, the lollies are just Nasty.