Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let the fun begin

Yesterdays weigh in....*#.!kg, that may have been a freudian slip there, it was 83.1kg. Exactly the same as last week. Hardly surprising considering the number of hot cross buns I ate on Friday. Also slipped in a few scones etc. Aunty Flo was visiting, I needed the carbs!

I warn you now, next week is not looking too good already. Bloody chocolate.

This year we gave the girls a choice between a birthday party and a day out with a friend. They both chose the BDO and Squeaky had hers last Thursday.

I thought this would mean less work for me, boy was I wrong. In a moment of weakness, it turned into two friends and extended to a sleepover.

It was actually lots of fun, it does get easier as they get older, until they hit the delightful teenage years. Not that my girls are ever going to do that.

Anyway, so with friends in tow, off we went.

We started at the Vic market, the girls had money burning holes in their pockets. they wanted to spend, spend, spend. Of course they ended up trawling the market for hours and didn't buy a thing except for some lollies, well rather big lollypops they promised not to tell their mothers about.

Next stop, the City Baths. I haven't been there for years.
I learned to swim there and it was much grottier. Now it's lovely, a bit posh, a bit Raj. Cheap too, it only cost $7.20 for three of them

After swimming till they were blue and their teeth were chattering we headed to Lygon Street for pizza at Papa Ginos.

Then home. Nonna dropped the others back after they had a sleepover and they all vegged out in front of a movie.

I started to get worried about bed time so we headed down to the park to work off steam.

Homemade sausage rolls and birthday cake for dinner.

Then bed at last. They giggled till about eight when I threatened separating them and after that not a sound.

Until 6.30 am. Groooooan.

Pancakes for brekky then I sent them all home. Phew.

Two hours later George's family arrived for lunch.

No wonder I'm tired.

I feel I have done my duty.

Till next week when we do it all again with minor variations for BP's birthday.


  1. Should have come to tap to get a head-start on the chocolate and hot-cross bun consumption, tsk. Are you cancelling the sleep-over component of BP's BDO due to one rotten 6.30am apple having spoilt it for everyone?

  2. Couldn't come to tap, he hubby was awol. still going ahead this thurs. Was going to ask if I can bring BP and guest to watch tap?