Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another family birthday dinner

We have a tradition in my family, well my sister started it a few years ago and we have copied her. When we have a family dinner to celebrate someone's birthday everyone gets to chose a dish, the birthday boy or girl gets to chose two dishes.
Once upon a time all the food was put on the table at the same time, now as our numbers have swelled we divide it into two , sweet and savoury.
We've had some very eclective menus over the years. My older two are pretty predictable, they swing from chips to jelly to pizza, Moochie is a bit more adventurous, she goes for chicken soup, or boiled eggs and tonight it was baked beans.
Today's menu was beef rendang, egg and potato curry, saveloys, home made sausage rolls, pizza, chips, Danny's hamburger, baked beans, jelly and chocolate with the highest cocoa percentage you can find. This turned out to be 99%. I wouldn't recommend it, it was powdery, bitter and its only redeeming features were that is was posh, French and beautifully packaged. Mum always chooses Tim Tams, this time it had to be original, no caramel and no dark which I thought showed a lack of adventure.
The upshot of this is that I have eaten waaayyyy too much chocolate and other treats and feel thoroughly sick. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

The birthday boy, now 12

Weight at 0630....82.9 kg. Not more than last week, not less . I did slack off a bit this week. Kept getting the afternoon munchies and ate about a kg of almonds. They were the most exciting thing I could find in the pantry as I have cleansed it of junk food which sounds better than I have eaten it all and not replaced it.

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  1. That picture was taken a while ago, wasn't it? BP looks about 3 there.

    I prefer the plain Tim Tams too!