Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As usual it is half way through the next week before I post my weight. This week it is due to busyness rather than avoidance. I am down to 82kg, a 1.6 kg loss (sound of cheering).
I did it by jogging, my dirty little secret obsession. I shuffled Cliff Young style every day last week. There, now you know.
I've had lots of time to think as I huff and puff up the Merri Creek about why I like it so much, and this is what I have concluded....

1. If I do it between feeding the kids and their bedtime I have the perfect excuse to come home and get into my pyjamas at 6pm. Heaven.

2. I have discovered a magical "zone" where if I can think about something else, I don't get too puffed and my legs don't hurt.

3. It is quick and requires no equipment.

4. Feeling of self satisfied smugness once it is done.

5. It gets easier every time I do it.

6. There is no 6.

Confession of the week......
It's my wedding anniversary tomorrow, we are going out to dinner and I bought a new dress. It's red and swishy.


  1. Hmm. If you have to miss tap because you've buggered your knees doing jogging I will be pulling faces at you. You've been warned.

    Need to see this swishy red dress....

  2. The only reason I miss tap is if my feckless husband feels the pull of the full moon and has to go howl at it.

  3. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow Jenny! ANd congrats on the kgs, every bit bloody helps to feel like your old self again, doesn't it?