Saturday, May 30, 2009

A bit of this and that

83.4 kg
Bollocks and buggery. Gone up again!!! But all my clothes are starting to feel loose. I can't keep blaming the hormones . Oh well, I'm not really too fussed as I did most of the right things and what's a block of chocolate here and there? it was fair trade after all, that's not so fattening, right? Oh and there was the birthday party and the loaf of Nonna's bread and the in-laws to dinner on Thursday (lasagne). Maybe it wasn't such a virtuous week after all.

We had a burglary and lost a lap top computer a while ago. All our photos from the last eight years were on it but I was fairly confident we had most backed up on an external hard drive. We just couldn't get the hard drive to work. Well the computer guy fixed it this week so I will include some oldies and goodies now and then because you do forget how little they were don't you?

Overachieving greenie of the week award goes to the woman spied in my street picking up dog poo with a PAPER BAG. Of course it was a reused one. Right on, only in North Fitzroy.

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  1. You have beautiful bubsies. Excellent to have found the old photos.

    Have you got a strategy for craft retreat? I gather the food is quite excellent and in plentiful supply. I myself personally plan to pig out.