Sunday, May 17, 2009

No sauce for me thanks

Total weight lost this week: nil. Total weight gained this week: 0.9kg.

It must be the hormones as I was right in the zone and did lots of exercise and had hardly any fun. What I am happy about is that I haven't gone and said f$@# the diet, I'm eating chocolate all weekend.
I look forward to weigh in on Saturdays, it is my reward so I am miffed when it doesn't come out the way I planned.

I have been invited to a craft weekend at sewjourn with some crafty bloggers. I am excited and a little bit nervous. They are all so good at the craft and the blogging. Getting away from the family (shame on me) coupled with non stop craftiness in a lovely setting, who wouldn't be excited?

I thought I'd better do a show and tell to prove my worthiness but haven't done much sewing lately, still suffering from a post fete slump. I have been knitting, as it is the season to be knitting.

My girls all want this hooded scarf, I've started the first with lovely 12 ply and big needles. Nothing like fast results.

Here is Mooche's first love modelling work done so far

Bad mother confession of the week or 'what to do if your kids eat too much tomato sauce'...
The girls had sausages for dinner the other night and when I opened the tomato sauce squeezy bottle for a refill, it was full of grey mould and fermenting. I nearly gagged and I have a very strong stomach. It had registered vaguely that the kids weren't using sauce any more, now they refuse to touch it!


  1. You don't think they went off it BECAUSE you've been serving up mouldy sauce? And don't worry you are craft-worthy. I'm dodging it - I think I'll bring a tap-board and go outside and choreograph some dances while the rest of you sew. I'm more concerned about the group cooking. Bags the ricotta hotcakes.

  2. Yes! for the hotcakes and yes to the sauce thing, the poor little things, eating their fermented sauce till they could take it no longer.
    Re the craft, what about your knitting? I would be up for a horse ride at some stage over the weekend if that is more your cup o' tea.