Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A tale from a proud mum

This is my second girl, BP. She hasn't always been the easiest child to live with as those who know her will agree. She is very passionate (I blame her Sicilian Nonna), and that has led to some big ups and huge tantrum filled days. Oh god, those tantrums.

She did an extra year of kinder, the kinder teachers thought she wasn't quite ready for school. Or maybe they were thinking school wasn't quite ready for her.
This year she finally became a preppie. I was worried about her fierce attatchment to me, thought she might struggle but I was so wrong.

Every morning she's up well before us and gets dressed in the dark,

shuts the bathroom door so the light doesn't disturb us and does her hair.

She gets her own brekky, cleans up her dishes and brushes her teeth.
She puts her take home reader in her bag and then comes and tells me to get up make her lunch so she can be ready.
This is all before 7. Luckily I'm morning person.
I have to confess here that there is a bribe system in place or as I prefer to call it, an incentive scheme.
By about 8, she starts asking when she can go to school and finally skips off by herself, arranging to meet me up there.

Last week she discovered she could write and has been walking around with a pad and pencil writing stories for us.
Of course I will inflict some upon you.

I love lava
Lava can look beautiful
after the volcano
explodes the lava
makes good dirt
to make a farm

A apple is healthy.
I can
not eat an apple
because i have
a wobbly

my teachers
name is Gaye
I love school. it
is fun. Kittens
are cute. i have
lots of friends at
school. i love
my school teacher
and my family.
i have a dog.


  1. Wow! Fabulous writing! I especially like the last one, so rambly.

  2. What a character! And what lovely writing! And what great parenting to have her up and getting herself ready in the morning!

    My second child was THE biggest tantrum thrower that I could ever imagine. And now, at age 10, he gets in a dark mood and might yell a bit, but doesn't lose control anymore. He's also very independent in the mornings.... perhaps they're made for each other?

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Jenny.

  3. Just love the woberlee tof. Love it.