Monday, June 22, 2009

The bottom line

It hasn't been a great two weeks food wise. It all started with craft camp and the abundance of chocolate, lollies, brownies and the like and it really only ended a couple of days ago when I hauled my ass back on to the wagon. Strangely I weigh 83.9kg still which is where I was two weeks ago. I can't quite figure that one out and I am expecting it to go up or do something weird next week.
I haven't been running for two weeks and I ventured out tonight. I was crap. Couldn't do the distance and just shuffled along a la Cliff Young, my hero. And then couldn't even do that, just walked the rest of the way. I have kept up boot camp (too scared not to, she lives at the end of my street) and have cycled as usual so that probably helped me scrape through.
I hate getting back on the wagon, all I think about is food and I miss that chocolate and bread. I probably shouldn't be writing this while hungry so I will stop now.

I will do a show and tell of fete goodies instead

Dress-ups made with donated t shirts with a bit of gauzy stuff stuck on the bottom. Easy peasy

Wee Beasties, pattern courtesy of Soozs

And this treat I found when I downloaded my photos.


  1. I can't work out which of your lovely children that is. I'm guessing BP, she's certainly let it all hang out at tap class before.

  2. Well, it's amazing the lengths they go to when they can't find a photocopier nearby to sit on... not speaking from personal experience, of course.