Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm on the top of the world....

I am still all aglow from my crafting weekend away. A new experience for me, I was a bit apprehensive as I was joining some very accomplished women. Not only is their sewing amazing, they write, draw, spin, dance and knit. Miss Bingley herself would be impressed. I felt a bit of a petender but once I was ensconsed in the studio at Sewjourn I realised the pleasure of being with people who share your enthusiasm. It was an inspiring weekend, I am just starting to realise how big the crafting/sewing /knitting world is and it's very exciting.
I made myself some clothes for the first time in years, a woollen tunic and some stretchy trousers, they fit and they look great. How good is that? So now of course I want to make more.

I will put my highlights here in point form, in no particular order....

1. We were all assigned a meal to cook, I had sunday night. So apart from that one meal we had no kitchen duties. We were called at meal times and had a plate of delicious food put down in front of us. I still can't get over how good that is. Why do our kids complain??

2. Separate sewing studio. When we downed tools (usually for meals), everything stayed where it was. No one fiddled with your dials or used your good scissors to cut the dogs hair.

3. Uninterrupted sewing time. I hadn't realised how quickly you could make something when there's no child sitting on your lap helping with the reverse knob and lifting the foot for you.

4. Suzie's music. a never ending stream of hits, from eighties pop to disco to Cambodian psychadelic.

5. Lots of chocolate

6. A realisation that there are patterns other than the ones you buy at Spotlight out there.

7. A well tended fire keeping us toasty day and night.

8. Matching cutlery.

9. A group of people so generously sharing their knowledge and expertise.

10. A break from the fantastic but relentless work of bringing up a family.

Photos and recipes to follow....


  1. RECIPES PLEASE!! Your dahl was awesome! And your tunic looks great too, I loved it!

  2. 11. It also cures PMT. I totally did not get it when in fact I should have. Thhink the chocolate levels must have been exactly right.

  3. It sounds too good to be true.

  4. Oh yeah, that tunic pattern, and that curry!

    Thanks for coming, it was great to have you.

  5. Ah...yes...the well-tended fire...my sweet, beautiful baby...glowing in the background...beckoning to me from a distance... good times! So wonderful to get to know you...and to eat your food too.

    P.S. I swear I didn't take a spoonful of curry from the crockpot while you weren't looking. Really. It was Suse.

  6. It was Janet actually. Blame Janet.

  7. It wasn't me! I was out in the studio CRAFTING!

    Yes indeed, wasn't it just glorious!!!! And I loved your tunics and little toys, did you see that I'd taken a photo of them?

    I've also been wanting to make your lemon cake...

  8. enjoyed my sojourn through your blog, not sure how i got here, but u know blogworld. portals everywhere ... ps. where is the pattern for that scarf/hood? it's fabulous.

  9. thanks Sewjourners for your kind words and confessions of curry snatching.
    Tea cake recipe now posted!

    Ahipara Girl, I will look the pattern up and get back to you.

  10. it was fabulous, wasn't it? can't wait for the next one!